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We understand feeling stuck.


Stress can take a major toll on your health and business.


You don't have to choose between earning money over your health or enjoying time with loved ones. 


Feeling too busy, worrying about money, and poor health are symptoms of a deeper root cause. 


It all comes from a mindset programming that you are not even aware of.  


Staying overwhelmed deprives your family and the world of your gifts.


You have so much more to offer.


We help you create a life and business you really love.


Join me in the masterclass and start living your dreams.


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With proven online MINDSET and TRAINING programs we help you get to your next level of success and increase your income in a healthy way.

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Hi, I'm Nana and I love helping high achievers live their purpose with great health, wealth and love.


I understand what it feels like to be stuck and overwhelmed.


My mission is to help you get to your next level of success in a healthy way.


I know what it takes to rise above circumstances and help you create a life you love. 

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Turn on the taps to great cashflow in your current business.
Visionary Entrepreneur

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Enjoy freedom with a business model that your love. 
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Define Your Dream & Make it Happen 

Your dream is built by winning each day in a Healthy Successful way.
Your Healthy Success

Your Healthy Success 


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Get unstuck and get moving on your dreams.

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Dive in right away. Practical inspiration.


Be a hero and bring huge value to your audience.


Give your business the greatest advantage by investing in yourself.


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Andrew Blackwood

Nana’s calm, stable, clear, and supportive voice nudging me in the direction I’ve always wanted to go is priceless! Her support helped me to move forward with greater confidence and I am grateful to be moving forward with a $26,000 program that will allow me to really support a family in the way they are worthy of and in the way I have been wanting to. She’s humble, honest and insightful. Her practical guidance is helping me understand and focus on things I have missed for years. She’s a giver and a true gem. 


Dr. Patricia Selassie

Nana Jokura teaches a proven system that works. In the three months that I have worked with her, I have seen a 50% increase in income in my business. In addition, as a direct result of working with Nana, I am enjoying more time for self-care and self-study. These are very important areas to me, yet they were always overlooked as I felt like I was always busy "putting out fires" in my business. Furthermore, I had always dreamed of being one of those entrepreneurs that had so much freedom they could work on their lap top from the beach. 

You shouldn't have to choose work or health.

You can enjoy both.


These are changing times where it's common to face external challenges, feel anxious, stressed and stuck. 


The people who thrive in any circumstance are those prepared with the strongest minds and great health.


We understand what it feels like to go into massive action but not see good results, and practically burn out.


We don't want that for you.

Not being where you want to be after all of your education and experiences is frustrating.


It can feel demoralizing.


The truth is, it's okay to receive guidance. 


We're not meant to do this alone.


It's such a  joy to  see people shift through my Mindset mentorship programs. is the thing that helps people manifest the results they want.


We'll show you how to create your own economy.


Let's create new options for you. 


Take charge of your mindset, energy and body.

Your Mind

Learn how to work with the power of your mind. 

Manifest with  Energy

Learn how to have a calm, confident abundant energy.

Your Body 

Enjoy a healthy body so that you can live your dream and purpose.

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Start Living Your Dream

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You CAN build your dream AND

enjoy great health 


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Success Interviews

Success Interview with Dr. Patricia Selassie, ND

She learned how to turn on the taps and now has a waiting list for her practice and significantly increased her income. She enjoys more time and beach trips with her daughters and is much feels much calmer after going through some mindset healing. 

Success Interview with Dr. Tia Trivisonno, ND

Dr. Tia Trivisonno went from being a salaried employee to a business owner and exceeded her original income. She has grown her abundance mindset by facing the unknown with trust and the benefits of the community. It works.

Success Interview with Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, ND, DC


She started her business with zero business experience, in the middle of 2020.Increased confidence and positivity as she had increased her cashflow and turned on the taps, surpassing the minimum 5-figure months.

Success Interview with Andrew Blackwood Part 1

How Andrew went from worry and hurry to calm and clarity. He is in his year 2 of the program. He is building Phase 2 where he continuing the 1:1 and starting to work with group and high-end coaching clients. The mindset shifts that have improved his health, relationships and income with greater ease.

Success Interview with Andrew Blackwood, Part 2

Watch a little spontaneous coaching session with Nana and Andrew on figuring out the next step. It's about principle over mechanics.

Success Interview with Lynne Potter Lord

Lynne went from having a glorified hobby to earning income as a professional. She had scattered energy after spending thousands on other programs. She has now manifested her dream home in France using the program.

Success Interview with Lynne Potter Lord

Lynne had some months where the income was zero then shot up to the $10 000 month milestone.


Success Interview with Dr. Mark Iwanicki, ND, L.Ac

Dr. Mark got to the $10,000 a month income goal after starting the program within a few months. 

Success Interview with Dr. Christina Weir, ND

Dr. Christina Weir, ND experienced great wins soon after she started the coaching program. Right out of the gate, she booked 10 new patients in a week as a new practitioner. She has also created a new online coaching program during the pandemic and now has an additional stream of income that she'll be able to offer throughout the year. 

Success Interview with Dr. Nikita Patel, ND Part 1

She tripled her revenue and helped more people by improving her money mindset.




Success Interview with Dr. Nikita Patel, ND Part 2

The Money Manifestation Plan (Money Mindset Makeover) helped her get into the full program. She shares how she worked through things faster and got into the program. 

Success Interview with Grace Law

She finally got moving on the DRERAM she had been sitting on for a year...and earned what she made in a year in a week...During the second week of the lock down. The new money mindset shifted and she learned how to implement with focus.

Success Interview with Julia Gray

She IMPLEMENTED and created her program during the pandemic. She independently did the work in a Bonus training workshop exercise by exercise and landed paying clients.


Success Interview with Rebekah Shipp

Going for what you really really want.She went from corporate to truly starting her business.
She shifted her money mindset with the program and asks for what she's worth with CONFIDENCE. 

Will this increase my income?


We do not make any guarantees of income or results. However, the system works when you put it to work and do what is recommended. 


I really want to sign up for a program but I'm not sure I can afford it.


The real question is can you afford not to make the necessary shifts?

If you know you are worth more, every month that passes by where you aren't earning your potential is what it is truly costing you.  

Our programs aren't for everyone.

I only want you to join a program if you are totally committed to making a change for yourself. 

If that is you, I totally believe you will find a way to join us.

How will your programs save me time? How can I fit this in?


You'll learn how to increase your bandwidth because you'll be able to get more done in less time.

Scrolling through endless Youtube videos searching for the answer can be a time waster. The materials are to the point. I share a system that works.
 You'll be spending the time anyway, on things that have gotten you this place. You'll learn the important skill of how to create time for the things that are important to you.

I want to join you but I'm already doing another program. 


Many of our clients see success in other programs once they start our programs. Our programs show people how to implement at the mindset and action levels. This means once they start our programs they learn how to get results with us AND in other programs.  This is because manifesting your goals is about understanding how to shift your mindset, the part that controls over 95% of your results.


Other program creators love having us work with their clients because we show people how to successfully complete projects and start enjoying more abundance.

I already know about mindset.

How will this help?


There is a big difference between knowing "about" mindset and truly understanding how to work with it. All you have to do is look at your results and they will tell you what is going on with your mindset. If the results are not where you'd like them to be, it's a good time to receive mentorship. 

The biggest shifts in mindset happen when you work with a mentor who has helped people with a proven system. 

Will this work for me?



When people are committed, engaged with the program and do the work they improve their results.

I want practical tips too.

Is it only about mindset?



Our programs are extremely practical and designed to help you implement ideas so they manifest into results. The mindset training has tools on how to embody the teachings. The recordings  help with transmission of energy. 

Our members say that they feel shifts in their energy when they go through our programs and courses. The skillset training covers practical things you can incorporate into your day. Combining the Inner and Outer work is essential. 

When the mindset and energy shifts, inspired action flows effortlessly and easily. 

Your Time For Change is Now

Learn how to manifest your next level of success in a healthy way.

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