Visionary Entrepreneur Program

Purpose with Confidence

This program is for entrepreneurs, coaches and practitioners who are ready to expand their business and impact.


Naturopathic doctors, functional medicine practitioners, MD's, TCM practitioners, DC's, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, trainers, realtors and creative entrepreneurs have all been members. 


I know you're here on a mission.

I see your beautiful desire to help people.

You can see that even greater abundance is possible. 


I also know what it's like to have so many ideas that you feeling like you're spinning your wheels.


I know you're willing to work hard. After all, look at all the things you've accomplished so far.


There just seems to be a missing piece.


I understand feeling STUCK.


I thought it was all about marketing and strategy...


So I took a ton of marketing  courses that got me into lots of detailed busy work.

Building websites.

Designing webinar slides.

Learned about funnels.

Paid for ads.

These were all interesting to me but did not lead to enrolling more people, and the bank accounts were being depleted fast.


Then I discovered that I was missing over 95% of the puzzle.




95% of our power, our results come from the mindset.


Less than 5% comes from strategy (including marketing).


This is why all those marketing courses didn't lead to increasing my income.


It's so easy to think you're doing something when you're building beautiful websites and slides...

But if you're not enrolling people, you're not helping people.




I filled the gap.


I dove deep into Mindset.


I didn't just read about it, or watch videos on it. I leaned EXACTLY how to shift it.

And I specifically shifted the money mindset and...

The mindset and skillset of selling. 


Ooh I said it. The "S" word.


It's a non-negotiable in business. If you don't know how to sell, you're not in business. This is the gap to fill between you and your dreams of financial freedom.


The good news is you can learn how to sell so it feels completely like you're helping people. Leaving them way better offer than you found them.


Scale-up. Create a new model for maximum impact and freedom. 


Learn to authentically sell and help people to your business to the next level. 


To grow your business, you must know how to sell. Even if it's selling YOURSELF on an idea. It’s a non-negotiable. 


The good news - selling is simply helping people. (It just requires a major mindset shift... I’ll help you with that)


Learn how to fill your calendar and enrol ideal clients into your programs.


Visionary Entrepreneur Road Map:


1. FOUNDATION: Establish the right Mindset AND Skillset


2. OFFER: Get super clear on how you help people


3. SELLING = HELPING: Learn how to authentically enrol people into your offer and increase your income and still feel good about yourself


4. IMPACT: Live your purpose. This is why you're here!


Phase 1: To get your main offer really thriving. Increase bookings, sales, clients and get to 6-Figures... This is important for cashflow.



Phase 2: Go beyond 6-figures with MORE TIME!

Keep your main offer going, while you build your next new vehicle (in-person or online).

Get laser-focused about your offer or program to make the deepest impact and generate greater cash flow... with lightness and speed.



Phase 3: Create & enjoy your ideal life and business.

Make the new vehicle your main offer.

Grow impact and profits.


What phase do you want to thrive in? 



Mindset Training

Learn how to permanently shift limiting beliefs that hold you back, and create new beliefs that will propel you forward

Create & Sell Your Offer

Learn how to create and sell your offer: 1:1, package or group program. Create and share your value-based webinar. Learn how to sell your offer.

The Art of Selling and Helping

There's no sugar coating it. 

To grow your business, you have to sell. 

The good news - you can learn how to sell and do it with integrity...because you're HELPING.



Accelerated Group Coaching

Live group calls with Nana & team to help you implement and turn ideas into results.

$13,000 USD

$4,000 USD + $1500/month for 6 months

12 month coaching program

Foundational Mindset material

Live Q&A calls

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons



$12,000 USD

Save $1000

12 month coaching program

Foundational Mindset material

Live Q&A calls

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons



STOP making these mistakes:


  1. Wasting too much money and time on strategies, marketing and advertising at the wrong time

  2. Trying to change your mindset on your own

  3. Settling for a poor money mindset


START doing these things:

  1. Invest in developing your mindset to build a solid foundation, then stack and integrate strategy, at the right time

  2. Work with a mentor who is an expert in mindset

  3. Build a new abundant money mindset (AND skillset)

Success Interview with Dr. Patricia Selassie, ND

Success Interview with Dr. Tia Trivisonno, ND

Success Interview with Andrew Blackwood

Success Interview with Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, ND, DC

Success Interview with Dr. Mark Iwanicki, ND, L.Ac

"Nana’s calm, stable, clear, and supportive voice nudging me in the direction I’ve always wanted to go is priceless! Her support helped me to move forward with greater confidence and I am grateful to be moving forward with a $26,000 program that will allow me to really support a family in the way they are worthy of and in the way I have been wanting to. She’s humble, honest and insightful. Her practical guidance is helping me understand and focus on things I have missed for years. She’s a giver and a true gem. "

Gratefully, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood
aka Coach Drew

"Nana Jokura teaches a proven system that works. In the three months that I have worked with her, I have seen a 50% increase in income in my business. In addition, as a direct result of working with Nana, I am enjoying more time for self-care and self-study. These are very important areas to me, yet they were always overlooked as I felt like I was always busy "putting out fires" in my business. Furthermore, I had always dreamed of being one of those entrepreneurs that had so much freedom they could work on their lap top from the beach. Well, I did that this month! It was amazing, but Nana has helped me enlargen my vision, I now see myself being so secure in my income that I am able to enjoying more time at the beach with my family, while my laptop stays at home."

Patricia Pimentel Selassie
Naturopathic Doctor

Success Interview with Dr. Nikita Patel, ND

Success Interview with Dr. Christina Weir, ND

Success Interview with Rebekah Shipp

Learn to shift the underlying cause of all your results --> MINDSET & PARADIGM


This is NOT a good fit if you:

  • Are looking for magic pill

  • Complain or make excuses

  • Not willing to take full responsibility for your results


You are a good fit if you:

  • Take 100% responsibility for all your results

  • Have felt stuck and are ready to shift now

  • Are totally committed to growth

  • Are willing to learn AND implement

$13,000 USD

$4,000 USD + $1500/month for 6 months

12 month coaching program

Foundational Mindset material

Live Q&A calls

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons



$12,000 USD

Save $1000

12 month coaching program

Foundational Mindset material

Live Q&A calls

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons



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Let's make money the easy part.

You're here to help amazing people