How it all started...

When my mom told me the cancer returned... I asked her,

"What's your dream?"

She replied and said, "Nana Japanese women aren't asked about their dreams". I replied, "I'm asking you."

She shared her dream of becoming a full-time writer and eventually found a way to pursue it.

I learned two important things about myself.

First, I could see that there were patterns that I now know form the paradigm that were not serving her.

Second, I realized I knew that it was important for her to live FOR something.  I love helping people live their dream and purpose.

She passed away at age 54 and I've learned so much from that experience.

It's been over 20 years her passing and ever since that life changing moment I've been on a mission to help people enjoy health and abundance so they can really live their purpose.

None of us know how many more days we have here on the earth plane.  

I believe in making each day count.

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Several years ago I had my back against the wall...


I felt completely stuck. Needing to double my income really quickly to be able to take care of my daughter, I was not making it happen.

My stress was at an all time high...


I poured (hemorrhaged) thousands  into marketing and strategy and  I went into massive action...with no increase in income, not realizing I was totally missing the mindset piece. It was devastating. 


I thought I could study my way out of it... I dove into all the free videos and books wanting to change it by myself.


I made 3 mistakes:

1. I thought it was all about marketing and strategy.

2. I tried  to shift the mindset on my own

3. I had a mindset of limitation and scarcity.


This is how I turned it all around...I learned 3 important things:

1. I learned how to work with the mindset and energy, where over 95% of our results come from

2. I got proper mentorship and developed a system for how to translate Universal Principles of Success into results

3. I shifted my mindset to one of abundance

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I manifested a life I love and a friend asked, "how are you doing all of this?


In a handful of months... I turned my business around, double my income twice, started a thriving coaching and consulting business, was in great shape, being there for my daughter... AND was writing a book.

I told my friend that it was the material I took myself through and what I take my clients through. 

I felt if I could make such a dramatic shift from feeling stuck to thriving, I could show other people how to thrive as well. 

Your Healthy Success is a Movement!

Connect with your purpose.

Connect with nature.

Connect in health.

Connect with positive energy.

Connect with your abundance!

When you are happy, healthy, wealthy, it lifts up and inspires others around you.

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Official Bio

Nana Jokura is Your Healthy Success Mentor,  #1 new release International bestselling author of Your Healthy Success, speaker, former ND, and creator of the Visionary Entrepreneur program.  


Nana is known as “The Mindset Solution” and helps entrepreneurs and practitioners go from feeling stuck to getting to the next level of success in a healthy way.


She uses systems and mentorship so you don’t have to feel stuck between sacrificing your health, or time with loved ones for financial success.


She helps people develop their assets of great health and the power of their mind with confidence, clarity and calmness.


Nana will show you that health is wealth, and that the money is in the mindset.

Now I'm on a mission to help you live your purpose with great health AND wealth...

It's so crucial for our mind, body and energy to be functioning at an optimal level.

When you treat your mind and body well, you are well.

You get to define what "Your Healthy Success" looks like.

There is no need to struggle and do it all yourself.

Sacrificing your health for financial success is the old game.

My mom's passing reminds me that without health, we have nothing.

My mom passed away and never wrote her own book. She never saw her grandkids. She died sick and broke. 

If she had access to what I know now about the mind and health, I am certain she  would have had a higher quality of life.

If you want help living your purpose with great health and wealth, I would be honoured to be your guide. 

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