About Nana Jokura
Nana Jokura is the author of the #1 New Release International Bestselling book "Your Healthy Success", the Paradigm Master, and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. 

Nana is a success consultant who helps entrepreneurs and visionaries achieve their goals and live their purpose by dramatically shifting their mindset and use the Universal Laws of Success. She has helped transform the confidence, health, and profit of businesses and organizations. 

Nana's clients are some of the most caring and creative entrepreneurs who are global change-makers.  
"Nana’s calm, stable, clear, and supportive voice nudging me in the direction I’ve always wanted to go is priceless! Her support helped me to move forward with greater confidence and I am grateful to be moving forward with a $26,000 program that will allow me to really support a family in the way they are worthy of and in the way I have been wanting to.
She’s humble, honest and insightful. Her practical guidance is helping me understand and focus on things I have missed for years. She’s a giver and a true gem."

Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood 
aka Coach Drew