5 Reasons why all entrepreneurs should be playing BIG 
Written by Nana Jokura on December 15th 2018
Nobody wins if you play small. 

If you understand just how powerful you are, how you are here to be a creative being, you would know that you can create whatever you desire for your life and business.

What is your dream? Your purpose?

Don't know? Then your #1 job is to find out.

You do know? Great. Let's get to work.

Before we go further I just want to make sure you're not settling for what you "think you can do". 

That'll leave you uninspired and retreat back into the comfort zone at the first sight of a challenge.

It's got to be what you really want. Let me reassure you that you can have whatever it is you want. Get honest with yourself about what you want. Admit it. You are worthy. 

Oh, and don't let the details of "how" you're going to get there scare you. In fact, you won't even know all the details. If you know how to get there, the goal isn't worthy of you. 

Goals are meant to stretch you. Goals are not for the stuff you get, they are for who you become.

In fact, playing small cheats the world of your talents and gifts. I'm here to draw that out of you and make sure you're stepping up and have declared a BIG, BOLD PURPOSE.

Excited? Scared? GOOD. That means you're on the right track.

Once you're clear on what you really, really want, we can get to work!

A goal setting call with me can:  

1) help you clarify what you really, really want
2) identify what's been holding you back
3) identify what will propel you forward

Nana Jokura

Nana Jokura helps people start and grow successful visionary businesses. She is an expert at getting to the root cause of results (the mindset) and helps people use and implement the Universal Laws of Success to get results. If you're interested in growing your own business or scaling up then definitely reach out and apply for a goal setting call today.
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