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3 Reasons why the visionary entrepreneur needs to invest in their health

business focus health mood productivity success wealth Oct 20, 2021
Health is wealth. So many entrepreneurs neglect their health in the name of working on their business. They lose focus, get overwhelmed and pound back the caffeine. 
Ultra successful people are those who have built a foundation of good healthy success disciplines. 
Exercise gets the energy flowing, increases focus is good for metabolism and mood. Good nutrition is fuel for the body. 
Proper rest allows you to recharge and be receptive to great ideas. 
Reason #1 Better MOOD. You're happy to help clients and they love working with you. 
Reason #2 Better FOCUS. The discipline it takes to work out, eat well and get proper rest, has a spill over effect into your daily operations in your business. Your mind is sharper after blood and oxygen circulate to your brain. The salad is energizing instead of the coma inducing donut.
Reason #3 Higher PRODUCTIVITY = greater cashflow! When you're healthier, you get so much more done. Fewer sick days. Better energy means you can get at least three time more done.