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Are you a heart-centered visionary? Good, let's talk money!

abundance entrepreneurs mindset money Nov 27, 2021

Have you grown up with unhealthy ideas about money? 

There's not enough to go around. It's okay if I don't make money, it's about helping people. Money doesn't grow on trees.
Some heart-centered entrepreneurs are so uncomfortable with talking about money that they can't even tell me what their financial goals are without squirming or being embarrassed.
Let's stop the nonsense and get really comfortable with money!
Understanding what money is, is a good start.
Money is an amplifier. It amplifies the good that you can do.
Money is a symbol of appreciation. It's a form of exchange.
Money allows you to extend the good you do far beyond your physical presence.
Money goes where it's invited. Be organized with your money. 
There is a universal law of circulation and money is simply another form of energy that is meant to circulate.
You want to willingly give and graciously receive all forms of abundance, including money.
Get comfortable talking about money, managing money, spending money, saving money, investing money and of course earning money.
When you focus on providing service and value, you're working in harmony with the law of giving and receiving.
If you close yourself off from giving money, fearful of spending, always looking for the cheapest option, being stingy, you actually are closing yourself off from receiving money.
I suggest that you start living from a place of abundance. Raise your income to match your desired standard of living. 
If you ever say, "I can't afford it because I don't have the money", make sure you don't say that again. If you think this way about money, what other limiting beliefs do you have?
It is actually an indicator that you're coming from a place of lack and limitation. 
Go make the money. 
Instead, you could tell yourself, I'll figure it out, I always do and get to work and start looking for ways to bring value to others. Focus on how you can make something happen (not why you can't).
See selling as helping. See money as a tool for good. Get comfortable with money and it'll get comfortable with you!