Coaching Programs

The Visionary Entrepreneur

This is a powerful transformational coaching program with Nana Jokura, the Paradigm Master and mindset coach.

Participants learn how to use the power of the mind to achieve life-changing results and improve their culture, productivity, and profit with the implementation of this program.

Entrepreneurs expand their businesses and impact.


Visionary Implementer

Your next best step. Done.

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Your Healthy Success Program

This experiential program is for individuals and businesses looking to live their purpose with great health and wealth.

You will bring out the potential of your mind and body. 

 It's about reaching your goals in a HEALTHY way. 

The small things you do every day create your life and your results. 

 You'll learn how to create Daily Power Disciplines that get you to your goals.



Money Mindset Makeover

Includes the Money Manifestation Plan & Money Mindset Makeover Masterclass

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Winning Inside Out

If you'd like to help your kids learn about the principles of success from a kid, click the link and give them the gift of this program! 

Benefits: Better grades, Stronger Self-Image, Better Attitude, Achieving Big and Small Goals, Getting a Head Start in Life, Overcoming Fear and Being Brave, You will receive access to videos and audios created by Mia for 12 months.

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Create Work-Life Balance 

Learn how to avoid burnout and start thriving. Get access to powerful tools you can implement right away in this 4-part video seminar. 

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Relaxation 101

Relaxation 101 is a 10-week experiential guided mindfulness program that you can use to help make relaxation a daily power discipline.

If you are stressed, tired and overwhelmed, have pain or tension,

get irritated easily, feel your health concerns are related to stress, have skin issues that you feel are related to stress, have challenges with sleep, want to improve your energy, feel like life could be better, want to improve your mood, Relaxation 101 Can Help!

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