Success Interview with Dr. Patricia Selassie, ND 

Success Interview with Dr. Tia Trivisonno, ND

Success Interview with Andrew Blackwood, Part 1

How Andrew went from worry and hurry to calm and clarity. He is in his year 2 of the program. He is building Phase 2 where he continuing the 1:1 and starting to work with group and high-end coaching clients. The mindset shifts that have improved his health, relationships and income with greater ease.

Success Interview with Andrew Blackwood, Part 2

Watch a little spontaneous coaching session with Nana and Andrew on figuring out the next step. It’s about the principle over the mechanics.

Success Interview with 
 Dr. Nikita Patel, ND 

She tripled her revenue and helped more people by improving her money mindset. 

Success Interview with 
 Dr. Nikita Patel, ND

The Money Manifestation Plan (Money Mindset Makeover) helped her get into the full program. She shares how she worked through things faster and got into action.

Success Interview with Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, ND, DC

She started her business with zero business experience, in the middle of 2020. Increased confidence and positivity as she had increased her cashflow and turned on the taps, surpassing the minimum 5-figure months.

Success Interview with Dr. Mark Iwanicki, ND, L.Ac

Dr. Mark got to the $10,000 a month income goal after starting the program within a few months.

Success Interview with 
Rebekah Shipp

Going For What You Really, Really Want.

Success Interview with 
Dr. Christina Weir, ND

Dr. Christina Weir, ND has experienced great wins soon after she started the coaching program. Right out of the gate, she booked 10 new patients in a week as a new practitioner. She has also created a new online coaching program during the pandemic and now has an additional stream of income that she'll be able to offer throughout the year.

Success Interview with 
Lynne Potter Lord

Success Interview with 
Lynne Potter Lord

Success Interview with 
Lia Zorzou

Lia has seen incredible shifts with her energy and confidence and we are celebrating her enrolling 2 clients at 15,000 EUR.

Success Interview with 
Julia Gray

She IMPLEMENTED and created her program during the pandemic. She independently did the work in a Bonus training workshop exercise by exercise and landed paying clients.

Success Interview with
Grace Law 

She finally got moving on the DREAM she had been sitting on for a year...and earned what she made in a year in a week...During the second week of the lock down. 

Success Interview with
Sarah Noseworthy

She has experienced financial gains between 2020-2021 which has allowed her to achieve some financial goals. She is on track to doubling her take home income. 

Success Interview with 
Carley Nadine - PART 1

Confidence to Leave the Job.

Success Interview with 
Carley Nadine - PART 2

Shifting the Money and Selling Mindset.

Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood
 aka Coach Drew

Nana’s calm, stable, clear, and supportive voice nudging me in the direction I’ve always wanted to go is priceless! Her support helped me to move forward with greater confidence and I am grateful to be moving forward with a $26,000 program that will allow me to really support a family in the way they are worthy of and in the way I have been wanting to. She’s humble, honest and insightful. Her practical guidance is helping me understand and focus on things I have missed for years. She’s a giver and a true gem. 

Patricia Pimentel Selassie
Naturopathic Doctor

Nana Jokura teaches a proven system that works. In the three months that I have worked with her, 
I have seen a 50% increase in income in my business. 
 In addition, as a direct result of working with Nana, I am enjoying more time for self-care and self-study. 
 These are very important areas to me, yet they were always overlooked as I felt like I was always busy 
"putting out fires" in my business. Furthermore, I had always dreamed of being one of those entrepreneurs that had so much freedom they could work on their lap top from the beach. 
 Well, I did that this month! It was amazing, but Nana has helped me enlargen my vision, 
I now see myself being so secure in my income that I am able to enjoying more time at the beach with my family, while my laptop stays at home.