Winning Inside Out 

Winning Inside Out is a program to help kids and families achieve their goals.

Created by Nana's daughter Mia Liberty.

Hello nice to meet you!

Welcome to Winning Inside Out!

You will learn about the principles of success :)


  • Better grades
  • Stronger Self-Image
  • Better Attitude
  • Achieving Big and Small Goals
  • Getting a Head Start in Life
  • Overcoming Fear and Being Brave

You will have access to videos and audios for 12 months.

It's great to watch the videos over and over so that the lessons really sink in.

Enjoy and if you have any questions, just email me at [email protected] 






Winning Inside Out

This extraordinary program was created by Mia Liberty for kids and their families. She presents videos and audios that are easy to understand for kids and adults aged 5 and up.

The principles of success are used by the most successful people in the world and presented in a simple, fun way.


Lessons Include:

Lesson 1: Goals

Lesson 2: Setting and Achieving Goals

Lesson 3: Goal Achieving for Kids

Lesson 4: Terror Barrier

Lesson 5: Knowing-Doing Gap

Lesson 6: Belief

Lesson 7: Self-Image

Lesson 8: Self-Image Activity

Lesson 9: Having Fun

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