Hello! What does healthy success mean to you?

This experiential program is for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies looking to live their purpose with great health and wealth.


You will bring out the potential of the your mind and body. 


It's about reaching your goals in a HEALTHY way. 


The small things you do every day create your life and your results. 


You'll learn how to create Daily Power Disciplines that get you to your goals:


Eat well

Move well

Sleep well

Breathe well

Eliminate well

Love well and

Use your mind well.


Results come from over 95% mindset and less than 5% strategy. 


When you fuse the inner work and outer work that's when you see extraordinary results.


Enjoy time for yourself, your loved ones, great health and abundance with your work.


Yes it's possible.


This is how the top performers get it done.



What does Healthy Success mean to you?

Is it being able to enjoy your time with loved ones, AND thrive with work?


Does it mean being able to enjoy more time doing what you love?


How would it feel to finally have the energy and discipline to follow through on your goals?


To keep promises to yourself?


We are living in a time when it's more important than ever to take charge of our wellbeing.


To be the creators of our reality.



My mom passed away at age 54 without fully living her dream. At 23, I learned the deep lesson that without health, there isn't much we can do in this physical world.


Fuelled by the desire to help people with their health, I became a naturopathic doctor (currently inactive).


I eventually learned that the root cause of our results starts in our mindset. The deep habitual programming is what runs the show.


I am now passionately helping entrepreneurs and practitioners grow their businesses and impact more people.


The natural progression is to bring health and the power of the mind together.


I didn't think I was ready to write a book... yet it FELT like I was being guided by something greater than me.


The book came as a divine download and became an international #1 New Release Bestseller. 


People from all over the world asked me if I could help them really live the principles found in this book.


I'm bringing together years of natural health and mindset training to show you how to design your life one Daily Power Discipline at a time. 


You know when the Universe gives you nudges? I listened.


This program is the full blown expression of how to live Your Healthy Success. It is a labor of love.


My purpose is helping you live your purpose with great health and wealth. 



Mindset Training

Learn how to permanently shift limiting beliefs that hold you back, and create new beliefs that will propel you forward

Daily Power Disciplines

Learn how to build your winning daily formula one Daily Power Discipline at a time

You will receive tools for:

- discovering and living your purpose

- how to build your confidence and new self-image

- how to implement the principles of Your Healthy Success 

-that it's more about HOW you do something (rather than what)

- how to get moving on those daily power disciplines

- how to finally break old habits and replace them with healthy habits

- to live with focus

- how to connect with the true essence of who you really are

- that health leads to wealth (in relationships, income, physical and mental riches)

- to pour into your cup

- Increase your energy 





I will NOT give you :

- a one size fits all diet plan

- a one size fits all exercise plan

- medical advice



This is NOT for you if:

- you are not ready to grow and change



This IS for you if:

- you want to experience freedom

- you are committed to really go for your goals

- you take full responsibility for your results in life

- you can feel that you are meant to play BIG

- you feel intuitively that this is right for you

Success Interview with Dr. Patricia Selassie, ND

$13,000 usd

Save $1000


12 month program

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons

Health Affirmation Audios

BONUS: Group Q&A Calls


$14,000 usd

$4,000 USD + $2000/month for 5 months


12 month program

Academy resources

Video lessons

Audio lessons

Health Affirmation Audios

BONUS: Group Q&A Calls


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